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3-Axis VMC > V Series

The V series high-speed machining center provides Die / Mold solution for high precision machining capability is realized by high spindle speed, fast acceleration/deceleration, and precision contour feed control. The machine frame is analyzed with the FEM system to ensure optimum machine stability. V combines maximum productivity with a reasonable investment.

Workpiece & Table    
Table size mm 1,400X710
Max. table load kg 1000
Linear Axes    
X axis travel mm 1200
Y axis travel mm 730
Z axis travel mm 650
Max. Feedrate m/min 40
In-line spindle
Spindle taper   ISO40
Max. speed rpm

12000 std ; 15000 opt

Power S1/S6 (40%) kW 20/30
Torque S1/S6 (40%) Nm 127.3/191
Built-in spindle (option 1)
Spindle taper   HSK A63
Spindle specification mm 202
Max. speed rpm 15000 (Grease) ; 15000 (Oil Gas)
Power S1/S6 (40%) kW 15/22.5 ; 15/18 
Torque S1/S6 (40%) Nm 79.6/119
Built-in spindle (option 2    
Spindle taper   HSK A63
Spindle specification mm 210
Max. speed rpm 15000 ; 20000
Power S1/S6 (40%) kW 30/46 ; 25/40
Torque S1/S6 (40%) Nm 130/200 ; 87/135
Linear guideway   Roller type
ATC capacity Tool



Accuracy -German Standard VDI/DGQ3441 ( x/y/z axes)
Positioning mm 0.005
Repeatability mm 0.005

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

4th axis preparation  
Spindle oil cooler  
CTS - 20 BAR built in type  
Chip conveyor  
4 bar wash down device  
Grease lubrication  
Linear scales on three axes  
Tool-tip Positioning Control (TPC)  
Spindle Vibration Supervision (SVS)  
Axial Accuracy Control (AAC)  
18K spindle 170mm (E-Spindle) Extra (V4/V5/V7)  
15K spindle 210mm (Kessler) (V6/V7)  
20K spindle 210mm (Kessler) (V6/V7)  




Table Size: 1400x710 mm
Max. Table Load: 1,000 kg
Wide opening door, easy to access, load and unload heavy workpiece.
Chain type magazine (opt): 40 tools
Linear guideways: Roller type