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3-Axis VMC > V Series

The V series high-speed machining center provides Die / Mold solution for high precision machining capability is realized by high spindle speed, fast acceleration/deceleration, and precision contour feed control. The machine frame is analyzed with the FEM system to ensure optimum machine stability. V combines maximum productivity with a reasonable investment.

Workpiece & Table    
Table size mm 1,200X600
Max. table load kg 800
Linear Axes    
X axis travel mm 1050
Y axis travel mm 600
Z axis travel mm 600
Max. feedrate m/min 40
In-line spindle
Spindle taper   ISO40
Max. speed rpm

12000 std ; 15000 opt

Power S1/S6 (40%) kW 20/30
Torque S1/S6 (40%) Nm 127.3/191
Built-in spindle (option 1)
Spindle taper   HSK A63
Spindle specification mm 202
Max. speed rpm

14000 rpm(Grease)

18000 rpm(Oil Gas)

Power S1/S6 (40%) kW 15/22.5
Torque S1/S6 (40%) Nm 79.6/119

Built-in spindle (option 2)

Spindle taper   HSK A63
Spindle specification mm 210
Max. speed rpm 15000 ; 20000
Power S1/S6 (40%) kW 30/46 ; 25/40
Torque S1/S6 (40%) Nm 130/200 ; 87/135
Linear guideway   Roller type
ATC capacity Tool



Accuracy -German Standard VDI/DGQ3441 ( x/y/z axes)
Positioning mm 0.005
Repeatability mm 0.005

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

4th axis preparation  
Spindle oil cooler  
CTS - 20 BAR built-in type  
Chip conveyor  
4 bar wash down the device  
Grease lubrication  
Linear scales on three axes  
Tool-tip Positioning Control (TPC)  
Spindle Vibration Supervision (SVS)  
Axial Accuracy Control (AAC)  
15K spindle 210mm (Kessler)  
18K spindle 210mm (Kessler)  
20K spindle 210mm (Kessler)   
No counterbalance for Z-axis, it provides best dynamics using high-power Z-axis servo motor.
Spindle speed: 12,000(std) / 15000(opt)
Table Size: 1200 x 600 mm
Max. Table Load: 800 kg
Wide distance between Y-axis guides, it provides best support for saddle and table.
Operators can easily access, load and unload workpiece.
The back of machine can be placed close to the wall.
Separate type cooling unit.