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Gantry type VMC > G Series

G6 RPC is an automatic solution to increase productivity and reduce wasted time during production. The design concept is based on a 2-axis robot system that can handle up to 20 pallets. 8, 10, 16 and 20 pallets are freely selected by end-users to better meet their production requirements.

Table & Workpiece    
Table size mm Ø600
Table loading kg 600
X/Y/Z axis mm 650 / 850 / 500
Feedrate X/Y/Z m/min 36
Robot Travel    
V axis mm  ≦3000
Feedrate V m/min 27
W1 / W2 axis mm 75 / 175
APC System    
No. of pallet   10
Pallet Size mm 320x320
Max. workpiece size mm Ø400x305
Max. pallet load kg 220
Rotary Axes    
A swivelling deg. +/-120
C rotary deg. 360
A max speed rpm 100
C max speed rpm 200
Spindle (std) rpm 20000
Motor output kW 25/40
Spindle (opt) rpm 15000
Motor output kW 30/46
ATC System    
Tool shank   HSK-A63
No. of tool T 60(std), 120(opt)
Max tool diameter mm Ø75
Max tool length mm 300
Max tool weight kg 8
Accuracy -German Standard VDI/DGQ3441

Positioning accuracy

mm 0.005
Repeatability mm ±0.0025

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Spindle with CTS
Built-in spindle (20,000rpm - grease lubrication bearing )
Chip conveyor
Coolant through spindle with high-pressure pump 20 bar (with paper filter)
Water cooling system
Chip flushing gun
Air conditioner
Oil skimmer
3-axis linear scale
CTS coolant tank with high-pressure pump 70 bar
Automatic spin window
Workpiece touch probe
Tool setter
Automatic tool changer control panel
Oil mist collector and recycling equipment
Integrate flexible 2-axis robot that can handle different zero-point pallet sides and brands.
The back shutter opens to access the two-pallet carriage. In seconds, a new pallet with raw material is precisely located in the rotary-swiveling table, and ready to start working again.
16-pallet pool
Pallet size: Ø210 mm
Max. workpiece size: Ø230x305 mm
Max. weight: 98 kg
10-pallet pool
Pallet size: 320x320 mm
Max. workpiece size: Ø400x305 mm
Max. Weight: 220kg