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Gantry type VMC > G Series

5-Axis CNC Machine
The G8 design is based on an advanced gantry construction giving the most powerful structure to achieve the best working conditions when machining the most complex work pieces.

The powerful 5 axes simultaneous machining is provided by high dynamics from tool motion (3 axes) and working piece motion (2 axes). Both rotary axes in the table are driven by built-in motors with high torque!

Rotary & tilting table
Rotary table top diameter mm 800
Tilting axis A deg ±120
Rotary axis C deg 360
Max. table load kg 1300
T-slot (w/pitch/no) mm 14 x 100 x 7
Linear Axes
X/Y/Z axis mm 670/820/600
Feedrate m/min 60/60/60
Spindle taper mm HSK A63
Transmission   Built-in
Spindle speed rpm 20000(std)/15000(opt)
Motor output kW

25/40 (20000rpm)

30/46 (15000rpm)

Capacity   32/64 48/96 60/120
Max. tool length mm 300
Max. tool diameter mm Ø75
Max. tool weight kg 7
Accuracy -German Standard VDI/DGQ3441 ( x/y/z axes)
Positioning accuracy mm 0.005




Weight kg 18000

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Spindle with CTS
Built-in spindle (20000rpm )
Chip conveyor
Coolant through spindle with high pressure pump 20 bar (with paper filter)
Water cooling system
Chip flushing gun
Air conditioner
Oil skimmer
Linear scales on three axes
CTS coolant tank with high pressure pump 70 bar
Automatic spin window
Workpiece touch probe
Tool setter
Automatic tool changer control panel
Oil mist collector and recycling equipment
Perfect U-shape closed-gantry design
linear scale ballscrew and guideway
Table moved by swiveling-rotary axes
High-performance built-in spindle of 15000 rpm or 20000 rpm
Max table load: 1300 kg