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AXILE, /’æksail/, stands for “agile”

Agility is the best word to define the identity of AXILE. Motor agility is the ability to move quickly and precisely, which is the essence of high-speed machining. Mental agility is the ability to think and understand quickly, to be smart in other words.

This is why AXILE is agile smart machining

Highly sophisticated parts’ manufacturers face the same problems everywhere: lower selling prices every day, higher costs and shortage of specialized labour. AXILE proposes highly productive machines based on high-speed and 5 axes technologies at competitive prices. AXILE brings shorter cutting time with large energy savings.

The new AXILE line is built with high-tech design and components from world-class suppliers to ensure the best quality and reliability, and local availability of spare parts. AXILE patented SMT and ART technologies help to reach high levels of accuracy.  By embracing Industrie 4.0 technologies, reliability is upgraded and MTBF –Mean Time Before Failure- is predicted so that maintenance costs are minimized and downtime avoided.

AXILE products are proudly designed and manufactured at Buffalo Machinery's facilities, one of leading technology manufacturers in Taichung (Taiwan). Taichung is the world’s biggest cluster of machine tool builders, thanks to the abundant specialized workforce and a component supply chain far more efficient than in any other country. The rational range of 3X and 5X high-speed VMC's will only cover the most demanded sizes to reach scale economies and maintain reasonable market prices.

All models of the V series -the 3X line- share the same C-type structure designs, as well as all models of the G series -the 5X line- share similar gantry structure designs. Both series are equipped with top quality built-in spindles, swivelling-rotary tables which are driven by torque-motor (G-series) and linear and rotary feedback scales to guarantee an agile and accurate performance. AXILE is the only company in Taiwan where machine designs are tested by ANSYS simulation, Static Model and Dynamic Model, to ensure a reliable product launch.

AXILE is conceived to conquer the premium market of 3X and 5X high-speed vertical machining centers.

Such market will grow and AXILE will be the real Asian big player among European competitors.